If you come as an accompanying person
you might want to visit some places worth seeing as listed below:


Liebig Museum

Visit the famous museum of chemistry.
With appointment you can participate guided presentations and experimental lessons. You can reach the Liebig Museum within walking distance in a few minutes or by bus from the congress area.
Opening hours: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm


Oberhessisches Museum / Botanical Garden of Gießen

The "Oberhessisches Museum" is composed of the old manor house, the Leib's house and the Wallenfels' house. The old manor house harbours a painting gallery as well as arts and crafts. In Leib's house you can experience the history and folklore of Gießen and the province Oberhessen. Prehistoric and archeologic aspects of the region are outlined in the Wallenfels' house. Next door to the "Oberhessisches Museum" you can visit the Botanical Garden with a nice diversity of different domestic and exotic plants. Appointments for guided presentations can be made previously.
Both the "Oberhessisches Musem" and the Botanical Garden can be reached by foot in less than 15 minutes from the congress area.
Opening hours: "Oberhessisches Musem" 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, Botanical Garden 8.00 am - 6.00 pm


Schiffenberg Abbey (Kloster Schiffenberg)

In the south of Gießen you can find the "Schiffenberg Abbey" with an impressingly historic flair. Take a romantic walk in the circumjacent wood and then stop for a bite to eat or have a drink in the monastery yard.




In a short distance form the University's main building you find the main station of Gießen and catch the train, that takes you to Marburg within 30 minutes.

Historic Centre of Marburg

Visit the beautiful historic centre of Marburg - the so called "Oberstadt" with narrow streets and medieval half-timbered houses. Here you can explore the Church of St. Elisabeth - one of the most impressive works of early gothic architecture.
On top of the castle mountain adapted to solid rock the Landgrave Castle is reclined.




In a short distance form the University's main building you find the main station of Gießen and catch the train, that takes you to Wetzlar within 10 minutes.

Explore Wetzlar's old town on foot! This historical tour takes you through the medieval market square and steep steps, through narrow lanes and romantic corners. The tour shows you 43 buildings with historical background.


The Dom, Wetzlar's cathedral, was originally a collegiate church. It is Wetzlar's distinctive landmark and emblem. The mixed periods of its architecture reflect the history of the town and you will find a masterful combination of romanesque and gothic styles in the building.


Retrace Goethe's steps. Start at the Lottehaus ("The Lotte House") and proceed to the old city gate in order to reach the Rose-Garden. Now descend to the well called the Goethebrunnen. The steep uphill road will take you on a walk to the next village, Garbenheim. This is the setting for the fictional town of Wahlheim from Goethe's popular novel "The Sorrows Of Young Werther". On the way be sure to stop at the old watchtower, the Bismarckturm, a tower providing a wonderful view of the Lahn valley.


Frankfurt am Main


In a short distance form the University's main building you find the main station of Gießen and catch the train, that takes you to Frankfurt within 45 minutes.

Römer / Römerberg

The Römer, a Frankfurt landmark, is among the most beautiful and oldest town halls. Its silhouette, with three gables and the famous balcony, is known throughout the world. The Römerberg is where people from Frankfurt and all over the world come together: For more than 1000 years, the Römerberg has been the city's centre.


St. Paul's Church

Like no other place, St. Paul's Church symbolises democracy and national unity in Germany. The exhibition presents the church's history since 1848.


Frankfurt Zoological Garden

At the heart of the city centre, the people of Frankfurt and their guests can experience the exotic animals of distant continents close up. A special attraction are the unique animal houses.


Palm Garden

The fascinating variety of the plant world is presented by the Palm Garden in thematic gardens and greenhouses. Visitors can get to know the typical botany of all continents.


Old Opera House

Frankfurt cultural life without the Old Opera House? Unthinkable. Since it was re-opened, the concert house has acquired a fixed place in the music scene of the city as well as internationally.


Museum riverbank

On both sides of the Main bank, art lovers will find numerous renowned museums. The range of topics extends from architecture and film to painting.


Old Sachsenhausen

In Sachsenhausen, by the bank of the Main river, pubs located in labyrinthine lanes invite visitors to try Frankfurt's national drink, apple wine (Ebbelwoi).



The internationally renowned Städel Museum on the Main riverbank exhibits masterpieces from 7 centuries - a must for anyone visiting Frankfurt.


Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

Top-quality exhibitions with constantly new aspects from art and society attract a broad spectrum of visitors to the Schirn. The Schirn is located between the Cathedral and the Römer.


Natural History Museum Senckenberg

From the Big Bang to humans - the Natural History Museum in Senckenberg makes the development of our planet and the diversity of life easy to understand.