About Hessen and Giessen

Though relatively small in surface area, Hesse (Hessen in Germany) is Germany's economic powerhouse, with the highest per capita income of all German states. About two-thirds of Hesse's population lives in the Rhine-Main area, a large basin and urban conglomeration that include Wiesbaden, Darmstadt, Frankfurt-am-Main and lots of smaller towns.
Although the cities are the main attraction for visitors, the Rhön and Odenwald mountain ranges, as well as the picturesque Lahn River valley, are also splendid places to explore and get to know in this interesting part of Germany.

Giessen has a rich scientific tradition. About 20,000 students have registered for approx. 150 courses available at the Justus-Liebig-University (JLU) in Giessen. There are eleven faculties and seven scientific centres providing an extremely broad range of subjects. The range extends from the classical sciences to law, economics, social and educational studies and then to languages and cultural studies. With its offer of medicine, veterinary medicine as well as agriculture, home-economics and nutritional sciences the JLU has a unique constellation of subjects.

The faculty of veterinary medicine includes 9 different institutes and one department of veterinary clinical science, which is divided into the different clinics based on species. With 210 students starting each year Giessen is the 3rd biggest veterinary faculty in Germany. The Diagnostic Imaging Department is embedded in the Clinic for Small Animals, Surgery. But besides being a "Student city" Giessen also offers a broad economical and cultural spectrum. Numerous well-known scientists have worked and lived in Giessen. One of them was Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen who was Professor at the Faculty for Physics in Giessen from 1879 until 1888. Although he died in Munich he was buried in his parents grave in the old cemetery in Giessen. The old cemetery was layed in 1530. Nowadays it is a historico-cultural and historico-artistical memorial. A monument in the park at the theatre made by E. F. Reuter reminds of Röntgen's work in Giessen.

Although often not visible at first sight Giessen has its own charm, which we encourage you to encounter by walking through he city and discover historical as well as modern treasures.

About the Clinic for Small Animal Medicine
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